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Specialist -LGST 供應運籌管理中心 專員(物流企劃專員) 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Coordinate with supplier and inter-company
  2. *Generate and analyze logistics data
  3. *Support in assigned projects planning ans solutions
  1. 1.Bachelor Degree, international trade/ Logistics management background is plus
  2. 2.Logical thinking and data sensative
  3. 3.Fluent in English reading, written ans spoken skills
  4. 4.Good communication & data analysis skill is required
  5. 5.High passion, patient and circumspect
  6. 6.Good computer skills (especially Excel PIVOT, PowerPoint)*
Specialist -LGST 供應運籌管理中心 專員(國貿進出口專員) 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. *Export/ Import Operation
  2. *Order maintain and related system operation
  3. *Monthly KPI report"
  1. 1.Bachelor degree, international trade background / business administration is plus; 2 years of working experience or more is preffered
  2. 2.Logical thinking
  3. 3.Fluent in English reading, written, and spoken (Japanese will be a plus)
  4. 4.Good communication & data analysis skills are required
  5. 5.Good computer skills (MS Office)
Specialist CCSP-公共關係暨策略規劃部門 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. 1. Website management (Internal) with article creation
  2. 2. Website management (for customers) in corporate part
  3. 3. Organize Monthly/ Quarterly Meetings
  4. 4. Generate market analysis report
  5. 5. Execute CSR programs
  6. 6. Support Corp. Projects as requested
  1. 1. At least 1~3 years of working experience
  2. 2. Good in oral & written English (Japanese is a plus)
  3. 3. Experiences in CSR events or passionate in CSR activities
  4. 4. Solid commitment to project execution
  5. 5. Strong team player
Receptionist- GA 總務部 櫃台服務人員 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Reception Duties:
  2. -Receiving and sending deliveries
  3. -Collecting mails and messages
  4. -Communicating with receipients of deliveries
  5. Visitors:
  6. -Greeting and welcoming visitors, obtain name and nature of business, and contact collogures
  1. -Good manners and communication skills with Middle Level of spoken and written English
  2. -Meticulous, independent and possitive working attitude
  3. -Excellent interpersonal skills
Sr. Account Manager-STMT 儲存媒體營運暨技術中心 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. To Develop SSD business at Sony Branded Retail Channel and B2B
  2. -World Wide Basis
  3. -Product Planning/ Marketing Strategy
  4. -Sales Channel/ Customer Development
  1. 1.At least 10 years of working experiences (At least 2 years for client and/or enterprise SSD business)
  2. 2.Sales & Marketing fuction working experience in International Company
  3. 3.Willing to travel when necessary
  4. 4.Fluent in English and good communication skills are required
Battery FAE-ADMT Energy 應用零組件行銷總部 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Technical support/ FAE for Li-ion battery products
  2. e.g.) Technical support for Li-ion battery cell/ pack
  3. FAE (Field Analysis Engineer) for Li-ion battery cell/ Pack
  1. More than 3 to 5 years of experience for engineers
  2. Has experience or familiar with power designed product (e.g. battery, charger, power supply etc.)
  3. Has experience in the product development process (RFQ to MP)
  4. Has experience of familiar with customer support and/ or quality support related.
Assistant Specialist (派遣職缺:期間 2016/07-2017/03) 財會助理專員 STMT儲存媒體營運暨技術中心 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Maintain or update financial databse
  2. Analyze new data, maintain and update
  3. Support office work related activities
  1. PC operation; excel pivot, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook
  2. Good characteristic, vivacity, good communication skill, energetic, enthusiastic and responsible, high sensitivity.
  3. Positive attitude and detail-oriented, deep considered harmonization and with good team spirit
  4. Major in Accounting or Finance
Sales Specialist 營業專員 消費性電子產品行銷總部 TWMC 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. 企業客戶開發及拜訪
  2. 異業合作提案/協調/執行
  3. 新商業模式提案/開發/商談
  1. 正面積極, 具備創新的思維並樂於實踐
  2. 抗壓性強, 善與人溝通, 勇於接受挑戰並具學習熱忱
  3. 良好溝通能力 (諳國、台語, 具備英文基礎聽說讀寫能力者佳)
  4. 諳電腦文書處理及簡報技巧
  5. 有汽機車駕照, 自備交通工具者佳
Sales Specialist 業務專員 ADMT-Energy 應用零組件行銷總部 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. Sales for Li-ion cyclindrical power cell, coin Battery for TPMS and others application
  2. e.g.) 1. To expand sales in power cell application and TPMS market
  3. 2. To support distributor to expand coin battery business
  1. More than 3 years of experience for sales in Battery industry
  2. Has experience in coordinating with Battery Packer and Power Tool, automotive related customers.
  3. Has experience in project management will be a plus
  4. Can speak Japanese is perferable (not mandatory)
Accountant (約聘職缺:期間一年) CFC 財務企劃管理部部 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. General accounting operation/ posting
  2. Accounting document checking
  3. Accounting document filing
  1. College graduate/ In study with major in accounting or Finance.
  2. Good computer (excel, word, PowerPoint) skill.
Administrator 業務助理 ADMT 應用零組件行銷總部 (派遣職缺:期間:2016/08-2017/03) 95x29
Job Description : Requirement :
  1. 同仁出差的機票及飯店預約/保險/簽證
  2. 來台訪問者的飯店預約/簽證申請/接送機安排
  3. 庶務協助(信件、報紙取送、名片申請、文具申請)
  4. 公務車輛管理
  5. 主管交辦事項/活動協助
  1. 夜校生可
  2. 諳Office Outlook操作, 英/日文能溝通者尤佳
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